Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Night Special Sale

So today is Saturday...every week on Saturday there is a special thread in the Etsy forums where sellers post their weekly sales. You're not obligated to do it, but if you want to, you can. Tonight I am trying a little something different. Normally I try a % off, but tonight I'm trying cold, hard dollar amounts off! Feel free to stop by my shop and check it out!

Tonight in my shop (until 6:00 EST tomorrow) take the following discounts on your purchase:

$1.00 off any 8 Ounce candle purchased
$1.00 off any Bamboo Pendant Necklace
$2.00 off any Ring purchased
$2.00 off any 16 Ounce candle purchased
$3.00 off any pair of earrings purchased
$4.00 off any bracelet purchased
$5.00 off any necklace purchased

Spend $50 total (AFTER discounts are taken) and receive FREE Shipping (WIthin the US ONLY please)!! Items shipping outside the US will receive a free gift. This includes candle shipping!! Please put SNS In the comments to seller at checkout and wait for a revised PayPal invoice from me.

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