Friday, May 2, 2008

I need a tattoo hit.......

OK not really, but today, I went to a tattoo shop for the first time in...oh....say 7 years. It was like having a cigarette after a long, hard jones.....Why did I go? I got my nostril pierced!!! It was my hubby's present to me for Mother's Day. (Thank you hubby!) I finally updated my post with a picture. The stud is really very tiny. Very classy. I like. Funny thing is, it hurt like a bitch. I don't remember any of my other stuff hurting that bad. Ok not true, my tongue hurt pretty bad, but I guess I didn't expect the nostril to be so touchy. Either that or I've gotten to be a total wuss in my old age! I still have the hole in my septum (like a bull ring), that'll never close up (and don't I make a fun sight at parties with a cocktail sword through it?? I should stop getting drunk and doing this! LOL Anyway, it's got me jonesing for some more ink too....I thought by the age of 33, I'd have outgrown this, but I guess not.

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