Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Take the A Train

We've been considering taking a train trip for the longest time, because my youngest child loves trains. He's always begging to go on the train. So finally, we stopped by the Amtrak station and inquired. Much to our surprise, it was VERY cheap. Now the destination...where would we go? We chose Charleston, South Carolina, just long enough to take a decent train trip, but not too long. We booked a hotel for two nights, made the train reservations, and last weekend we went to Charleston!

Needless to say, one day is not enough to view Charleston, but we went to see Fort Sumter, and we walked around down town for a bit. I would surely love to go back there without my kids and take lots of pictures. It's beautiful down town. There's lots of little shops to see and fun things to do. We ate lunch at an Irish pub style place called Tommy O'Condon's...good food. GREAT sweet tea! :)

Some day I hope to go back with a bunch of money in my pocket to shop. If you do choose to go to Charleston, SC, please, save yourself a huge hassle and do NOT stay at the North Charleston Inn. Sounds's actually the farthest thing from it!

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