Friday, August 15, 2008

Join Me for a Major Milestone Celebration Giveaway!

Many of you know how exciting a milestone on Etsy can be! I am nearing a major milestone, and I'd like to share my excitement with my customers!

My next TEN customers will get a FREE gift with purchase! That's right! A free gift! I will be putting the following 10 prizes in my proverbial hat (probably more like a jar, but I digress). Each time someone places an order (for my next 10 customers) I will draw a gift out of the hat and send it on with your order!

Now on to the exciting part, the prizes:

1. Completely FREE shipping on your order (via PayPal refund)
2. $10 gift certificate to my Etsy shop
3. A set of 12 3" x 3" Blank Note Cards
4. A Lampwork Ring (Your choice of color scheme and size)
5. An 8 Ounce candle in your choice of scent
6. A pair of earrings in your choice of color scheme
7. Lampwork Pendant Necklace
8. $15 Gift Certificate to my Etsy shop
9. A 16 Ounce candle in your choice of scent
10. Random Gift Tag Goodie Bag

So come join me for some major giveaways! :)

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