Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Swallows and Surprises!

I have a surprise in the works. It's probably not as exciting to everyone else as it is to me, but I promise, it's at least a little bit cool! It should be finished in the next month or so, and I can't wait to unveil it! :) You know that I'm all into the tattoo look. I'll give you two hints...a) I'm re branding my Auntie's Card Shop again and b) it fits within the tattoo look theme, in keeping with my original shop. Whaaaaaaaaatttt??? Don't give me that look! It's only the second time in two months! And this time, I'm going to stick with it.....I'm in love! :) Exciting no?

I tooled around Etsy and figured I'd show you a few of my favorite items with the theme I chose to go with. This swallow hoodie from stevester is fabulous! In fact, now that I really started looking, there are a ton of fabulous swallow items on Etsy, so it was hard to choose just a few favorites. That's even more exciting to me, because it means I will be able to find lots of goodies to buy when I get all set up!

These pretty tags from SunshineandRavioli would look great on packages! In fact, take a peek around that shop for tons of birdy goodness!

This swallow cuff from jakrandomart is a fabulous addition to any wardrobe, and better yet, it's made of all recycled materials, including vinyl records! :)

So there was your big hint as to what it will be. Keep a watch on the shop in the near future.

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