Monday, October 6, 2008

A Camping We Will Go.....

We have just returned from our weekend in Asheboro, NC. It was gorgeous up there. The weather was perfect, warm during the day, but heater worthy at night. The trees were ginormous, and remind me very much of this picture by NestaUsa. Although in our case, they were pine trees, 40+ year old pine trees that made me not be able to breathe through my nose. Gorgeous none the less. The campground was quiet and lovely, all in all it was a pleasant trip. I wish we'd stayed longer so I could enjoy it more. It was a business trip for me, as I spent all weekend working the Asheboro Fall Festival. Hubby had a chance to galavant around with the children. He took in the Airplane museum and the Harley Davidson museum, and got some pictures of this cute little covered bridge in the area. I'll post them when I figure out what I did with the camera.

But on a positive note, we're really getting good at this whole camping thing. Sometimes I even remember everything! This time though, I forgot the stuff to make smores. I mean, what kind of camper am I? Sheesh! But you can check out this recycled Smores notebook by AlienBacon.

And have I mentioned lately how nice it is to have a camper? I love having my own bathroom, and not sleeping in a tent, and hubby still gets to camp! I think he's turning soft in his old age though, because just this past weekend we were commenting to each other how much we love having it. Be sure to check out these Home is Where I Am camper cards from twoguitars. The CUTENESS! :)

Have a great Monday everyone!


Nesta Usa said...

Beautiful blog! Thanks so much for featuring my photo :) Have a great week!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Auntie Di - your blog is grrrrreat! Thanks for mentioning me you're awesome ;)

Nothinglikeit said...

Glad you had fun camping! Hope the craft show went well for you too!
We're still on the road but should make it home Tuesday night. Over 5000 miles in 15 days - my butt is as flat as a pancake!