Friday, October 17, 2008

Would You Like a Concussion With That?

Check out this adorable little red squirrel carving by SandraHealy. He's very cute and so finely detailed!

The culprit in this case was not a red squirrel, it was a grey squirrel. And that tiny little squirrel was the cause for my daughter spending the night in the Emergency room. How can this be?

Last night we were playing in the almost empty park. My husband decided to let the dog off the leash so she could run around a bit. The kids were scampering around like kids do...skipping, hopping, jumping...not paying attention to anything but themselves. As soon as our dog heard that leash snap off, she was after a squirrel. She's caught them before, so I think she thought she'd add another notch to her belt. So she took off like a shot. My daughter didn't even see her coming since she was facing the other way, but their paths collided, and my big doofus of a dog couldn't zag or zig at the last minute, and totally wiped her out. Pretty much just swept her legs right out from underneath her. To make light of the situation, if we had a video camera, we would definitely win one of those funniest videos shows. It totally gave new meaning to the phrase "ass over teakettle". My daughter fell on her back and it knocked the wind out of her, and bonked her head in the grass. She didn't lose consciousness, but was dizzy and by the time we got home, she was sick to her stomach.

Off to the ER we was a long night. The doctor said she didn't have a concussion after reviewing her cat scan. I'm not sure how that can be since she had all the symptoms, but that's why he's the doctor, not me! I kept her home today just to take it easy anyway.

So without further ado, Happy Friday everyone!!!

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Christopher And Tia said...

Yikes!! That sounds awful. Hows she feeling now??