Friday, January 9, 2009

Childhood Memories

Recently, I had a special request for some baby tags. I realized, quite ashamedly, that I had no baby tag making supplies, so off to the craft store I went. (Oh rats, right?) As I was browsing the baby rubber stamps, this adorable rocking horse caught my eye, and many childhood memories came rushing back. I just knew I had to purchase him.

When I was a tot, about 3ish, I had one of those hard plastic ponies on springs that sits in a metal frame that you could ride. I named him Macaroni the Wonder Horse, and we had many grand adventures. I can vividly remember riding him so hard one day that I flipped ass over teakettle, right over his head. It didn't stop me though, Macaroni and I galloped many miles over the horrid 70's green living room carpet! (Perfect for pretending to be riding in grass!) As I outgrew Macaroni, he had opened my heart and paved the way for two very special and larger, more real horses.

I wish we had kept Macaroni.

Tell me about your favorite childhood toy?


CT said...
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CT said...

Oh those tags are so cute! Is that a little raised heart? They are perfect! - CT

p.s. Sorry for the deleted comment...I hit publish before I was done.

Nothinglikeit said...

Cute story - I can see you flying over the head of that silly horse...

I can't remember a toy that I loved that much but I do have vague but disturbing memories of an easy bake oven and a nauseating, burning smell. I guess I was always happiest with crayons or pencils and pile of blank white sheets of paper - so much potential there...

I'm trying to figure out how I can flatten 'Macaroni the Wonder Horse' into a coaster. I'll keep you posted!