Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday's Mission: Monkeys

Let's do something FUN! Everyone create something Monkey-ish! There's simply a lack of cute monkeys in this world! Come back here by next Monday, January 12, and post a link to your item in the comments of my blog so we can all check it out! Also, please create something NEW..not something you've already created. This way hopefully you will be inspired to create also! Perhaps we can make this a weekly mission! :)

Above are my monkey gift cute. The person with the cutest monkey will win my set of gift tags! :)


Kreated by Kelly said...

I'm game *smiles* My hubs loves LOVES loves monkeys so he'll love that too *smiles* See ya in a week!!!

Jennifer said...

How fun!!! Those are so cute!
I will try to remember where I've seen this and join in, lol!

Nothinglikeit said...

Cute monkeys! You're cracking me up! I was just in ETSY chat looking for you... LOL!
I have a sock monkey coaster on my to-do list this week so I'll make a note to come back to your blog and post a pic when I'm done.
I'm coasting on cruise control at the moment - I should be creating inventory like mad but this is such a wonderful vacation... :D


CT said...

Too cute! - CT