Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rustic Rainbow - Undiscovered Etsy Talent

Amor Tattoo Style Ornament $14.50

I want you all to meet my friend Jennifer. She has an adorable and creative shop called Rustic Rainbow, where she combines her 3 main artistic pleasures (hand sewing, fabric and FELT!) to create the most wonderful hair adornments, pendants, necklaces and brooches, and wall decor. She lives in Pennsylvania with her hubby, 2 dogs and a cat named "Stinky" (of course I had to throw that in there!) LOL. I totally love her tattoo inspired designs! However, if tattoo inspired isn't your thing, she's definitely got plenty of other goodies to keep you busy wandering through her shop for hours!

Ask Alice Cameo POPlet $18.00

She believes that, although a necessary evil, spending hours promoting is very important to getting your shop recognized. She also believes that it's very important to find your niche. (Which she definitely has!)

Beautiful Butterflies Hair Embellishment Clip Set $15.00

So stop by Jennifer's shop and show her some Etsy love! I could get lost in her shop for hours just looking at all the pretties!

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