Wednesday, March 3, 2010

jenniebgoode ~ Undiscovered Etsy Talent

Look at that adorable face! How can you resist it?? (You can't! Stop trying!!) This is the face behind the awesome collars at Jennie B Goode's Etsy shop. Ok ok, not really, her MOM is the face behind the collars, but it doesn't hurt to be the spokes dog for them! And what wonderful collars they are! Pearl will soon be sporting the "Holy Cow" dog collar. It's going to look smashing on her black fur!

Holy Cow Dog Collar $16.00

Cow print not for you? Well have no fear, there is a wide assortment of collars HERE! You're sure to find one to fit your collar fancy!

Bijoux Dog Collar $16.00

So, you don't have a dog? Well, fear not! Not only does jenniebgoode make the most fabulous dog collars, she also has the most adorable cat toys EVER!

Milton the Mouse Cat Toy $5.00

Isn't Milton the mouse just adorable? Almost makes me wish I had a kitty! And of course, you need a collar for your feline friend too! Have no fear, you can find those in jenniebgoode's Etsy shop also! Complete with bell!

Bubble Gum Cat Collar $10.00

So stop on over to jenniebgoode's etsy shop and say hi to Sophia, her spokes dog! Tell them Auntie sent ya!


2kutekreations said...

Those are uber cute! And so is Sophia.

Jennie B. Goode said...

Thank you soooo very much! Miss Sophia says to give you a big wet sloppy kiss for her.

WickedSoaps said...

SOOOOOO cute!!