Thursday, January 10, 2008

Heart Lock and Key gift tags

So today I really did wait until the 11th hour to create something. I was so uninspired all day....that all changed after I decided to take a trip to AC Moore on a whim after one of my children's doctor appointments. Who knew that paper was on sale there this week? Not I! In fact, I fully intended to just take a spin around and not buy anything (HAHAHA..yeah right..if you believe that, I'll tell you another one), but anyway, the purpose was to see if I couldn't jump start my creative juices. I sure did walk out of there with some grand paper (hubby just groaned when I came home!) to add to my collection. So here I am, at 11 PM creating with my new goodies. I love these little heart lock tags. I know I keep saying I'm done with Valentine's Day, but apparently I'm not. I think I secretly like it!. These were just too cute to pass up. This particular set is cream and burgundy, but I can make them in other colors (and I have! Just pacing myself with the listing!)

I've also been making little pillow box sets. They're SO cute! Perfect for party favors at baby showers, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, even kids parties! Really they're great for whatever you can think of! I'm very excited about the debut of these two new items in my Auntie's Card Shop.

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Schmooley's Mama said...

Ooooh! How adorable! A trip to A.C. Moore is always inspiring. And it's awesome they give the military discount.

I am in love with your blog by the way!