Monday, January 14, 2008

Holidays and Commercialism

So I really hate to go to a store any more at Christmas and see Valentine's Day stuff out, or at Valentine's Day and see Easter stuff. It seems like they just get it out earlier and earlier every single year. It drives me bonkers. I try really hard not to do this in my own shops, but lately, I find I can not help myself! The paper selection is great when you shop early! And then I can't wait to get things listed, so it's like a vicious cycle. I finally believe I am done with Valentine's Day, not that I don't like the holiday, I mean, why wouldn't a girl love a holiday that means chocolate and flowers? Sheesh! BUT....I've moved on Saint Patrick's Day! :) Above you'll see some pictures of new designs for the Luck o' the Irish! I could not resist the paper!

Hubby had a great breakthrough in his screen printing journey last night, so we may see screen printed goodies coming sooner to his shop than I originally thought. AND...more importantly, frustrated as he is, he hasn't given up yet! YAY!

Today, I sit here and revel in the quietness of my house, it's just me and the dog! After a month, my husband has gone back to work! And, with the kids at school, this means (hopefully) more creativity time for me! :) So it's almost 2 PM, I'm about to put the coffee pot on for the afternoon and the dog and I are about to get to work!


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