Monday, January 7, 2008

Ice Cream

I have been on quite a roll for Valentine's Day envelopes in my paper shop recently. Last night I decided to take a break from all those hearts and lovey dovey things and make something near and dear to my heart. And this pink metallic paper was like a siren would not leave me alone. I had to finally use it. So I made these. Ice cream mini envelopes. Each one is about 2" x 3" (too small for a business card) and comes with a little white cardstock insert to write a little thank you on. These would be so cute to put notes on and put in the kid's or hubby's lunchbox (if you're into that sort of mushy gushy stuff) or as customer thank you notes. Anyway, I took a good, long, hard look at these this morning when I was taking pictures of them and thought to myself "Wow, I thought I got away from all that pink Valentine's Day stuff....." I guess you can't win them all. They're cute anyway.

I'm not feeling very creative today. I'm waiting for a few new supplies and goodies, and it seems my creativity has been put on hold just because I just need them so badly.....not like I don't have enough anyway. (Can you EVER Have enough?) The stuff I really DO Need (soap base and such) I haven't whipped myself around to buy yet.....Some day I'll learn.

So I'm do something....productive....hopefully.....Maybe another cup of coffee. Maybe some chocolate! I have a rather large custom order to finish up today, and I have to go to the craft store because it seems I'm out of tan cardstock. I have to wait for hubby to get back here with my truck. *Sigh* (Sore Spot)

Hasta for now! :) See y'all soon!

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