Friday, April 18, 2008



Ok I'll admit, I never was much for watching sports on TV, in all, I find it rather boring, watching cars go round and round a track, watching old men golf, watching people run up and down a field or court. *YAWN* Boring!!! Anyway, that all changed ever since hubby came home from the sandbox, and got me hooked on this MMA stuff. So we've taken to watching UFC as often as it will come on TV, and sometimes we even pay per view the big fights. This Saturday night is gonna be a pretty good one. Serra vs. St. Pierre. All I have to say is the Frenchie is gonna kick some ass. Then there's the other fight cards. Bisping is fighting, he's always one for a good fight, and hubby and I both like him. It's going to be a wonderful night of beer, snacks and MMA. Oh yeah, and Saturday Night Specials on Etsy! :)

(Oh yeah, and I did have this kick ass picture of the fighters and the promo poster, but I could only get blogger to show half of it, so that wouldn't do..I had to go with the little pic above. *sigh* Some day I will figure out technology!!)

I did manage to accomplish one thing yesterday....I've got a mailing list now!! Look over there--------> See it? It doesn't fit on the page (that technology thing again...*sigh*) but it works. Just sign up and you will be updated every time I plan to have a sale (although not Saturday Night Specials, because those are just a given.) I will probably send out 4 E-mails...once per 'season' and tell about new scents coming and perhaps a sale. Of course, this is providing that anyone actually signs up for the list. LOL

Now, it's still early, I'm going to go down and create some lovely stuff to list on Etsy. Y'all have a good day now ya hear?

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The Nature Nut said...

hmmm - sports eh? Never really got into it myself but I'm glad you are enjoying it :o)