Thursday, April 24, 2008



So last night was bunco night. A friend of mine signed me up (albeit against my will) for bunco at the Officer's Club. If you know me, you know I don't fit in with the 'officer's wives' set. But overall, I had fun, and I'm glad I went. Anyway, there is a bunco tournament. We play for three months, and then not only are there winners every night, but there's winners at the end of the three months. One of the prizes is a spa gift card for $4000 bucks. I'd sure love to have that. But we're competing against people from every other base in the world. Anyway, I had a good time last night. After paying $4 for a bottled beer...*ACK* I discovered that drinking wouldn't be for me at that price. I definitely wasn't fitting in last night, so I needed one. LOL Hoity Toity officer's wife I am not. LOL The newspaper was there, I made some stupid mugging pose with my score card, so that dumbass picture will probably get in there. LOL I'll have to keep checking. I did, however, win "Most Buncos" last night, and got a $50 DSW gift card. We don't have a DSW around here. But oh well.

I also asked if they needed prizes next month. I think I'll donate some candles and jewelry. Maybe a few pair of dice earrings. Any way to get my name out there. :)

Well, I'm off to be productive for the day! I hope everyone had a good night.

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