Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sin on a Stick..a.k.a. Double Dipped Sweets

I am a HUGE fan of gourmet apples. The huge, gooey, dripping with goodness kind you can get at the mall, or the candy shop. How happy was I was to see that now there is a seller on Etsy that makes these lovelies?! So happy, that I ran directly to my PayPal account and placed an order with Double Dipped Sweets

I ordered two of the "Apple Pie" (shown above) gourmet apples. This has always been my long time favorite, and although I was tempted by the Oreo apple and the Smores apple, not to mention the gourmet popcorn and dipped Oreos, I decided I'd save those for next time and start with something simple, and something I know I'd like.

My order came promptly, well packaged, and intact. The apples were wrapped prettily, and I just could not wait to tear into one. I sent hubby and kids to the movie store to buy myself some alone time, and got down to business. I unwrapped the plastic from the apple and placed it on a plate in front of me. The overall aesthetic of the apple is lovely. Well dipped and coated evenly. I should have taken a picture.......OK, OK I didn't place it on a plate in front of me, I lied. I didn't want you all to think I was a heathen, there was no time for a plate..after glancing at the apple, I raised it directly to my pie hole and took a huge bite. As big a bite as I could fit in there. The flavor was like a foodgasm in my mouth. My teeth sunk right into the apple, the caramel was nice and creamy, rich and soft, not chewy and tough and hard to bite into. The spices, the white chocolate.....the tart green apple......all combined to make my mouth do the happy dance. I made VERY short work of that apple, I didn't even share with the dog. I saved the second apple for the next day. And I ate it while the kids were at school and the hubby was at work. I didn't even share. And you know what? The next time I order, I probably won't share that either! LOL

So RUN, don't Double Dipped Sweets and get you some appley goodness! I promise you won't be sorry. Next time I think I shall try a different flavor...but then again, I may stick with my old standby apple pie. Why fix it if it's not broken? I will definitely be trying the popcorn and Oreos though!!


redd said...

wow...that looks awesome! too bad people cant send food to canada.

Double Dipped Sweets said...

Auntie!! I love you! Thanks for the great comments. I would like to offer a **10% discount** to your readers! They can just let me know they saw me here on the Notes to Seller!

Thanks again Auntie!