Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dreams of Hawaii

I went to Hawaii once, a long, long time ago when I was in the Marine Corps. I wish I could go back as a tourist and take my time exploring. It was so green and beautiful, with lots of interesting wildlife, and gorgeous fish. Today it was cold and windy, and while I was making this necklace, I was thinking about Hawaii. It's made with Czech glass beads in a beautiful deep green color, Cherry Quartz (which is just a fancy name for pink glass) and Swarovski crystals. I added a freshwater coin pearl for a little pizazz, and made the clasp myself. I won't be sad if this baby doesn't sell. I wouldn't mind keeping it for myself! :)

I even made a dainty pair of Freshwater coin pearl earrings to match. Ever since I learned to form my own ear wires, I'm liking making earrings a lot more! :)

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