Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Case of the Broken Momentum

My daughter and son have been reading old Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mystery books, so I decided to title my blog in keeping in the sleuth theme. I'm a dork, sadly, I know this....

Anyway, I'm back from vacation, my husband is still on leave though until the end of the week, so that makes it kind of tough to create....but other than that, I'm a loss. My momentum has been stopped, sales have stopped, my creative muse has flown the coop!!! Ugh! I hate it when this happens. Normally, just a few times a year, but you'd think with all the beautiful scenery I saw while on vacation, I'd have some sort of spark.'s as dry as a campfire trying to be lit with wet matches. *sigh*

Last night at 8:30 I got it in my head that I wanted brownies. We have no fact, we used up our last pack of meat yesterday. I have to go food shopping in a major way. There was no chocolate to be found. Finally, at about 8:45 I had to take myself to bed because I could not stop thinking of brownies. I fell asleep almost immediately. Which stopped me thinking about chocolatey goodness, but I paid for it at 4:30 when I couldn't sleep any longer. I'm going food shopping today, and I WILL have my brownies tonight.

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