Thursday, July 3, 2008

How NOT to Make A Sale...and I'm a Shop-a-holic

I'm on vacation this week, we're camping in Asheville, NC, about 4 hours from home. Any time we go camping, I scope out if there are any local bead stores I can stop at. I'm not going to mention any names here, but those of you that want to know can figure out what bead store it is easily enough. I did my homework, and armed with the address of the local establishment, I looked forward to camping all week, and I prepared to go shopping, making mental lists of anything I thought I might want.

We got into town at about noon, and it just so happened we parked close to the shop I wanted to frequent. I had three kids and hubby in tow, so I decided to check and see what time they were closing, so I could shop on the way out of town. As I walked up to the shop, after noticing how pleasant it looked on the outside, I noticed a sign on the door that said "Happy 4th of July, our hours are 10-3". It wasn't the 4th of July, but then I thought to myself "Well why would they put that sign on the door now instead of Friday, unless maybe they're closing early all week?" I opened the door, noticing the gorgeous beads hanging all along the walls, and how clean and neat the store was, and thought how much I'd like spending some time there browsing through the beads and checking it out. I walked up to the counter and said to the sales woman, "I noticed the sign on your door, do you close at 3 today?" She barely even glanced at me, and sighed and said "No, that sign SAYS the "FOURTH" of JULY" in a snooty, condescending tone. So I immediately bristled. "Well could you please tell me what time you close today?", I asked. (Another sigh) "Six O'Clock". 'Oh ok, I'll stop by again on my way out of town."

Needless to say I walked around Asheville all day with my family, while involved in an inner argument with myself about whether or not to go back. The beads were screaming my name, and I had my portion of our tax stimulus check burning a hole in my pocket, ready to be spent. In the end, I did NOT go back. I know that lady probably didn't even notice that I hadn't come back. I wasn't dressed great, I was wearing comfortable clothes and shoes for walking around town with my family. Perhaps I don't fit in to the "Asheville Aesthetic" and she figured I didn't have any money. I know she won't miss the money I planned to spend at her store. But I will take my money and shop online with businesses that act like they really do value my business!

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