Friday, July 4, 2008

Ghost Hunting, Asheville, NC

A few nights ago, hubby and I decided to take a chance and go ghost hunting here in Asheville. We showed up at the Haymount Hotel at 9 PM with cameras at the ready, paid our dues, and were eager to go on our 'ghost hunting tour'. I have to admit that first of all, I'm skeptical of ghosts. I've never met one, and I guess I won't be a believer until I do. I was kind of hoping that this tour would introduce me to a ghost. Anyway, the flier says that you are 'guaranteed' paranormal activity. Call me a pessimist, but that made me even more skeptical. They tell you to take as many pictures as you can, and you're sure to get something. I'm no photographer, but I was determined to see a ghost. I didn't want any 'vague mist' or 'orb' or anything like that...I wanted a picture of someone who has been dead for 100's of years or something like that.

So we step off on our tour, the guide was very knowledgeable, sharing historic facts about the buildings, and the architecture was gorgeous. The weather was perfect for a mid-evening stroll. We learned some interesting facts, like where the gallows of the town were in the old days, where they lynching tree was, and that when they do major street construction or repair in a certain area of town, sometimes they still find caskets of people from when they moved the cemeteries 100's of years ago and didn't get them all. We saw an old brothel, and snapped a ton of pictures between the two of us. When we got back, we uploaded them on the computer. I didn't get pictures of anything that I would say made me a 'believer', but I uploaded two of the pictures I got with what they call 'paranormal orbs', which are supposedly ghostly energy......not sure I believe it, because I got lots of pictures with these, and it seems like most of them were reflections off bugs or something. You can decide for yourself. If you look at the first picture, with the very bright 'orb' near the top of the steeple, that is supposed to 'definitely' be an orb according to our tour guide. I dunno though, for me, the jury is still out......

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