Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shaken Not Stirred...

....but I prefer mine Dirty... ;)

This morning, as I cracked open my sleep laden eyes after tossing and turning all night, much to my dismay, I awoke with a crick in my neck. I must have slept wrong on it or something last night. It sucks, I can barely turn my head. I keep trying to massage it out, but it's not working.

What does that have to do with anything, you ask? Well, for some reason, as soon as I discovered this pain, I started thinking about martinis. So I reached for the computer gingerly, and started surfing Etsy of course. Then I realized, Holy smokes, it's only 6 AM, and there's a treasury spot! WOOOHOO! So due to my recent ponderings, I created a martini treasury. There are LOTS of fun martini things on Etsy. In fact, I even have one in my own shop!

Well, it's about 2 PM, and there's only a week left until school starts. I think it's time for an adult beverage with lunchie poo, don't you?


Nothinglikeit said...

I've never seen a "Martini" treasury! Very clever! Makes me thirsty.

Anonymous said...


Annette said...

Fun and very creative!!