Friday, August 22, 2008

I Can't WAIT For Back to School!!

Tonight is our 'meet the teacher' night before my kids go back to school on Monday. I am so excited, I am almost beside myself! Monday I shall get up, get them dressed and out the door, and then blissfully hurry back to burrito myself in my comforter and sleep off the last of the summer.

I've been counting the days until my three children go back to school using one of these perpetual calendars myself, made by *THE* one and only QueenVannaCreations. Mine is a little more *cough* gothic, but my kids fight to change the date on it (maybe because it's so darn cool)!!

Our back to school shopping is all complete, but wouldn't your kids love one of these awesome pencil pouches from Rohmer? I kind of wish that I had a need for a pencil pouch like that!

Don't forget about the teachers! The ones who are taking your kids off your hands, so you can recoup from summer break. They need a special treat too right? How about this awesome beaded paperweight from RedBessBonney?

And last but not least, even though you've unloaded them for the school year, and you'll actually have what resembles a life for 9 months, even if it is only during the day, it's nice to send them little lunch box notes so they know that you're still thinking about them. Or you can remind them that if they don't do their homework when they get home from school, they'll be grounded for all eternity. These are from my paper shop, auntiescardshop. They're also good to slip little 'hunnydo lists' into the briefcase! :)


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RedBessBonney said...

Can't believe the summer went so fast! Thanks for including my paperweight on your blog!