Monday, September 29, 2008

DRAT! Where Did I put my Glasses?


I've gone and done it again. If anyone knows where I put my doggone glasses, PLEASE let me know! Even a hint? Can we play hot and cold? I know I know, they're in the last place I'll look, but right now, with my nose plastered 1 centimeter from the computer screen just so I can read (and that still requires a lot of squinting), I really need them. The phrase "Blind as a Bat" is definitely not a lie in my case! Granted my specs are definitely not as cool as these steampunk glasses from BrassMonkeyDesigns, but they're all I've got, so I have to make do.

Unfortunately, I was one of those kids that has had glasses since third grade. Oh come on, you know the ones I was the mid 80's....the frames were as big around as my face? Yeah, I was *that* kid. This print by ameliamae says it all. My poor oldest child takes after me and has glasses in third grade also. I just hope that he can keep a better handle on his than I can on mine.

(OK, this is the point where I hit that one single button and erased 1/2 my blog post and then had to do a do over...grrr! Please oh glasses Gods and Goddesses, be kind and give me a sign!)

I'm thinking that maybe one of these hunky eyeglass holders by traveltimecrafts would help me corral my specs a bit better. I mean, how could you not know where your glasses are when you know a prime specimen of USDA beef is cradling them gently upon your drifting off to dreamland, just waiting for you to put them back on your face upon awakening? Ok honestly, my only issue with the beefcake, is where is the tattooed guy with the shaved head? Now that's my kind of beefcake...YUM!

These black square frame buttons by considerarson are perfect for proclaiming that you're at peace with your visual difficulties. By the way, just to ease any suspicions, I've graduated from the 80's full face frame, to a pair that's very similar to these, just a slightly different I'm not a total goober any if I could just FIND them!

Even every four eyed geek has a little Hot Librarian deep down somewhere inside. Sometimes you just gotta let her out! This sterling silver pendant necklace by Khristinne will remind you that you're not all nerd!

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Anonymous said...

Haha... cute post... hope you found your glasses!