Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Etsy is Broken...

Much like Harry the Gnome here, Etsy is broken!! (You can find Harry in LittleOddMe's shop!)

I wouldn't exactly say that it's smashed into a million pieces like Harry, but showing up in the listing and renewing categories is broken. Of course, listing and renewing actually works just fine. According to reports from Etsy users (which you can find HERE), Etsy is taking anywhere from 5 minutes to several hours for listings to show up in certain categories, and has been for two weeks now.

So if you were wondering why your sales dropped sharply, or you're just not selling any more, it's not because you suck. It's because Etsy has issues. I sure hope they get it fixed soon, I have lots of new goodies to list!


Nothinglikeit said...

Poor ETSY, we should send it a get well soon e-Card. LOL!
I listed a few things last night but I think I'll wait and watch today to see if the kinks get fixed...
your Love Spell candle with the Frog Prince link is priceless!

Lucy said...

That was definitely disappointing this week to see their listing/renewing function operate so poorly...I didn't know about it at first and I thought I really did suck..lol

Hey--I stopped by your booth today (found your blog through your etsy shop) at the festival--you really have done GREAT with your shop!! Good for you, your work is wonderful. Nice to meet you :)