Monday, September 15, 2008

A Case of The Monday Blahs....

This ACEO by LittleOddACEO is me today. Exactly how I feel, dejected, ill, bleh. I went to bed with a little tickle in my throat last night. This morning, it's a little more like I tried to swallow a molten sword. It's too early to be sick, the cooler weather isn't even here yet! I did manage to get my kids off to school today, and now I'm enjoying the silence. I'm very frustrated though, because if it weren't for my throat, I'd feel fine! I have a list of things I want to accomplish at least a mile long, but all I really want to do is lay in bed and feel sorry for myself, and drool all over because it's much better than swallowing.

Perhaps I need this little penguin by teenybeak to come nurse me back to health. She can be my teeny tiny fairy godmother. Even if she can't make me feel better, have you ever seen a penguin walk? Laughter is the best therapy they say. I can give her chores and watch her waddle away. I wonder if she does laundry or dishes?

I must admit, I love this get well card by ArtMind. So classy, yet fun too!

Without further ado though, I must drag myself out of bed and get downstairs to see how my new earring pieces came out. I will make some green tea with honey and soothe the scratchies in my throat, and then after I play with my new pieces, and possibly my camera, I will take a nice, long bath. Surely that will make me feel much better! Maybe even well enough to do some of the things that make me feel the therapy!?


Mooney ♥ said...

Awww hunney... I hope you start feeling better soon!!

LittleOddMe said...

Ugh. I hope you feel better soon too - and that you get to take that darned plastic collar off! :P



ArtMind said...

So sorry you're not feeling well! Make someone pamper you, take some sage tea and stay in bed all day resting! Get well soon! Thanks for featuring my card here! :)

Christopher And Tia said...

Feel better lady!!!

Candy said...

Di, hope you feel better soon! Sorry your down today :(