Monday, September 22, 2008

KanYoFuse: Etsy's Undiscovered Talent

You know how it is when you see something on Etsy that catches your eye, and you just can't stop yourself from checking it out? I mean, how can you resist a Great Dane in a pink tutu with a gorgeous fused glass pendant? Not only does it bring a smile to my face (and hopefully yours!) but it says "I gotta see more of this shop!" And so I did! I came, I bought, I conquered!

Meet Kevin of KanYoFuse, and his two gorgeous Great Danes Ace and Azul. I simply had to purchase a pendant from this animal loving glass fuser! Not only did I purchase one, but I'm very sure it will be the first of many!

Not only is his glass beautiful and unique, but his pictures are unconventional and awesome!!

I love this one with the rose and the green glass pendant, although I must admit, being a fellow animal lover, I am kind of partial to the pictures with the pups! :) I can't believe what patient models they are! Overall, I think Kevin deserves some props for being such a talented artist! I have favorited several of his pendants, and I plan to purchase one of those choker type necklaces and buy a bunch so that I can interchange them as the mood suits me.

So I bet your asking yourself, "Well come on Di, show me which one you bought..." You all know how much I love Halloween, (and glass too!) so I purchased this one, black,'s so totally me! This will be my October necklace. I didn't show you my other most favorite, because I don't want someone to snatch it up before I can, but get your patootie over to KanYoFuse and show Kevin some lovin' today!


kim* said...

the orange one is most definitely perfect for October :)

La Alicia said...

I love that the dog in the tutu is modeling the pendants -- what a patient pet! lovely pendants! :)

Art By MAR said...

My favorite is the orange. I have seen his shop before and I love the Great Dane as well as the pendants.

Stacey said...

very cute tutu!!