Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lazy Sunday

As you can see, I got my fourth treasury today! I like making treasuries!

So I would like nothing more than a lazy Sunday afternoon nap. Not gonna happen I guess. I spent the morning sucking out the last of the water in the basement. There wasn't much, but it was enough that it needed a quick go over. The sump pump is definitely working now, in fact, it's still pumping water out. This afternoon I created some new goodies for the paper shop, a cool Scooby Doo Birthday Party set made with recycled game pieces, and this card:

A friend of mine has a son that is getting ready to deploy within the week, and in fact, my own family has a deployment looming on the horizon. I guess it's on my mind a lot. I spend a lot of time trying to force it out, but mostly it is there somewhere, just waiting for an idle moment to jump to the forefront of my mind and start screaming "Hey, look at me, here I am!!! Coming soon to a family near you!" And of course, I deal with it with neighbors and friends all around me on an almost daily basis.

On a much happier note, my new business cards should be here Tuesday, and a ton of new goodies for me to play with, so look for more fun and exciting stuff in the near future!

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Christopher And Tia said...

deployment = :(

new business cards = :)