Thursday, September 18, 2008

So Sleepy.....

I really don't have anything very constructive to share with bloggerdom today, I'm totally NOT ready to face the world. What I really want to do is curl back up in my blanket and go back to sleep until my kids come home from school. Alas, I just made a coffee date, so I guess waking up is inevitable. I could resist Starbucks no longer. Oh, and then there's that list of 100 things I need to get done before my hubby comes home tomorrow and the craft show this weekend! Anyway, I will plan on making a day for just sleeping in soon, so I surfed around Etsy until I found the most perfect sleepy time items to share with you all.

This skully sleep mask (shown above) by BibBon would definitely do the trick for keeping that pesky daylight out of my sleepy time. The print is so perfect for me, and I love it!

I can just imagine how this minky blanket by antoinettes would feel to snuggle up in for hours. I'm sure I'd have to fight my dog for real estate under this cozy blanket!

My dear friend DancingMooney makes the most fabulous soap! This lavender olive oil soap is sure to relax you before bedtime so you slumber like a newborn child.

I just love this limited edition ACEO by scarlettcat, entitled "Sleeping With the Fishes". Talk about a sweet twist!

This fine art print by lisajulia says it all. How uncanny is it that dogs can sleep just about anywhere? Doesn't that guy know he's gonna get stepped on?

Every critter (even the doggie above) needs one of these fishy beds by laurelszoo. My only lament to this darling little bed is just's too little! My 55 pound lab would like one of these (I'm almost certain of it), and even if she wouldn't, it would still be a cute addition to any room! Oh to have a small dog that had a bed of her own and didn't steal 3/4 of mine!

So with that, I leave you for the day. Be sure to get your entries in for the Great Hillbilly Giveaway, you still have a few hours!! Tomorrow will be the start of the weekend, so look for the postings for the winner of the contest. On Monday, look for something great and fabulous coming your way here in the land of confusion!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for including my lavender soap in here! Lots of cute things for sleepy time!!

scarlettcat said...

Great post! (Thanks for including 'Sleeping with the Fishes'). I just got into work and would dearly love to crawl back under my doona, so I know just how you feel. xxx scarlett