Friday, September 12, 2008

Thanks Exxon....

So Ike is steaming towards Galveston. The media has whipped everyone into a frenzy about how he's going to blow out all the oil rigs out there and oil refining plants and such. They're saying they don't know when there will be more gas shipped.

I live in North Carolina, which is a pretty good stones throw from Texas. I went out tonight to get gas so I could leave out of here early for a craft show that I have tomorrow. I drove by the station on base, and the lines to get gas were backed up into the street!!! I was in disbelief! So I decided to take a spin around town. The lines were pretty backed up too. And the prices! Yeowza! So I turned around and figured I'd come back home and forget the craft show. I swung through three stations on the way, and they were out of regular unleaded!! So even if I had gotten gas, and I went out tomorrow to do the show, there's no telling if I'd have been able to fill up on the way home! I'm playing it safe for this one.

By this time I was famished, so I drove through the Crack Donald's drive thru for a nice, healthy dinner (Not!). The very nice gentleman at the food window (really, he was) turned around to get my food and hand it to me, and as he did it, he had to stick his hand up his butt crack to make some sort of adjustment before grabbing the bag and giving it to me. Eeew.... I hope it was just a wedgie!

And thanks to auntifranni for creating something that really and truly reflects how I (and probably most of America) feels about gas prices!


RixiePixie said...

Same thing here in Florida, people FIGHTING for pumps, it was insane!

BTW i found your blog off of a blog on etsy blogs. Thought i would let you know :)

Nothinglikeit said...

That's classic! I saw the ass-gas patch in Fran's shop the other day and laughed. It sure does fit the times!


Christopher And Tia said...

You didn't go to your craft show? Aw that sucks.