Monday, October 27, 2008

Gift Guide: Dog Walker (or Lover)

My dog is sitting here looking at me with the "I need to poop" eyes, and she insists that I must do a gift guide for dog walkers, so without further ado....

When I think of dog walkers, I think of those gals or guys in the movies that have about 10 leashes, and all the dogs are walking in a nice little pack......I mean seriously, does that ever really happen? I think not. I can't even get my ONE dog to walk right on a leash, without pulling me at whim across the grass to chase a squirrel, or sniff something that she thinks smells important. I can't even imagine having 10 or so to walk. All dog walkers (or dog lovers in general) deserve a little treat this holiday season. This bright print by BagLadyArts is sure to bring a smile to your favorite dog walker's face!

For those early morning dog walking type people, this antique, hand painted coffee pot by valleydeutsch would be the perfect something for a flower arrangement, or just a great decor item.
This adorable Sir Walks Alot print by houndtracks is also sure to bring a smile! I mean, how can you not smile while looking at Sir Walks Alot dressed in his walking best?? Fit AND trendy!

Get those bad dogs to be good with these Secret Squirrel cookies from LittlePies. My dog Pearl heartily endorses these! :) Not only do they look adorable, but apparently they're scrumdiddlyumptious to the canine palette!

Of course what goes in, must come lastly, for the most icky part of being a dog walker, one of these poop scoop bags would be not only trendy addition to your entourage, but a necessity! This one, from munzies is sure to make poop scooping at least turn that grimace into a sort of smile...I mean, look at all those cute wiener dogs on it!! How can you not crack at least a little bit of a smile while thinking of wiener dogs?

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Pegg said...

What a perfect list!! I love it!
We used to have 6 Inuit dogs, and I could never imagine anyone walking a lot of dogs at once.. how do they get along without all fighting...
dog stuff!