Thursday, October 9, 2008

Harshing My Mellow....

I'm not one to normally complain about stuff like this, because I know which side our bread is buttered on, but I will say that my respect for Uncle Sam is really dwindling lately. Oh, and did I mention I tend to panic? I'm not allowed to give specifics, but I will say that we had a situation this week in which something has been broken for over a month, a very important piece of my husband's equipment. Said piece of equipment was then sent away to be fixed, but was returned at the beginning of this week unfixed. There seemed to a vibe of uncaring in the air, even from the higher ups, which totally pissed me off to no end (especially since right now I have PMS in a major way!). Many of you know that recently we had huge car repairs, so taking on the task of fixing said piece of equipment ourselves was daunting. Not to mention, I feel that Uncle Sam should live up to his responsibilities. Being prior military myself, I definitely wasn't going to let this happen, so I took it upon myself to get things done. Quite frankly the whole situation has me in a tizzy. What I really wanted to do was get on the phone and do some major bitching to whomever would listen, starting at the bottom and working my way up, but I didn't want to start problems for my husband, and have people talking about his crazy wife. (No matter how true it may be!) So anyway, I got online and got things done, and procured the part needed to fix this piece of equipment.

This morning I wake up to get the kids ready for school, and I see a text from hub that says somehow the piece of equipment miraculously got fixed overnight. Maybe they felt my wrath from afar, in which case I kick ass. Either way, I'm glad it's fixed, but pissed off we even had to even go through the motions of jumping through these hoops, and then even more pissed that it was for nothing.

On a side note, my 6 year old is standing at the front door waiting for his bus, and singing "Born to Raise Hell"'s cloudy and rainy so I can't take pictures, and the coffee is just not entering my bloodstream fast enough. What's happenin' in your neck of the woods?

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