Monday, October 20, 2008

It's Time For A Giveaway

It's Monday morning, I stole my husband's coffee cup, and I am eating leftover chocolate cake for breakfast, and's COLD outside. What more of a reason do I need to host a giveaway? None I tell you, none!! Have a look around my shop and leave a comment telling me which candle scent is your favorite, and you just may win an 8 ounce candle of your choice. Just a little something to brighten up your day! :)

Winner will be selected Friday morning by Random Number Generator. Please be sure to leave some way to contact you! Only one entry per person.


Ann Cottrell said...

im totally on a lemongrass kick right now so i would go with the greentea and lemon grass.

Your candles have some really kewl names! Monkey farts? Im scared to guess what that actually smells like, the name is crazy funny:P

KnitHippy said...

Peppermint mocha sounds so awesome. I wannnnt one. :)


Katherine said...

I've been totally craving the Pineapple Paradise since I finished burning mine!

There are so many others that sound amazing, but I know this one is so much better than I'd expected.

You know you can get me on Etsy!

Christopher And Tia said...

I want to win I want to win!!! I loooove your candles. Which reminds me, I should go light my baked apple one right now :)

I'd love to try your Pumpkin Souffle scent. Anything pumpkin sounds delicious right now.

xx Tia

cdosehn said...

Auntie Dis I love this candle: MacIntosh Apple 8 Ounce Hand Poured Soy Wax Candle Auntie Dis

Bet it smells Great!