Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sleepless Nights Are Upon Us

If anyone has any remedies for insomnia, please share. I long to be like the dog in this ink drawing by ElisaAlvarado......asleep...and very comfortably too it seems! In fact, come to think of it, my very own dog slept like a log last night, snoring and running in her sleep. How do I know this? Because while I was laying there, wide awake, I heard her. She was chasing squirrels or something in her dreams, whimpering and snuffling and her little toes were moving. They're so cute when they do that aren't they? Then, when I rolled over yet again, guess what? Hubby was looking right at me! He wasn't having any luck sleeping either! I'm not sure why this was, in fact, I couldn't even bring myself to get up and craft. Instead, we laid in bed watching crappy TV until 2 AM (and oh was it crappy!), which was the last time that I remember looking at the clock. Either I stopped looking, or I fell asleep, I'm unsure of which, but I can tell you that 6:45 AM came really early this morning.

My first cup of joe is not touching my sleep fogged mind. Of course it looks nothing like this delicious fine art photograph by mariterecr. If it did, maybe it would wake me up? Of course, I think coffee as perfect looking as this only comes from room service, so that would be fine too..maybe I could sleep in, and then order coffee! Which would mean I was on vacation! YAY!!! (One can dream, no?) Where would I be? Hmmm..Hawaii? Bora Bora? Any one of those places would suit me fine. Wait, wake me up, I'm dreaming while I'm awake.

So now the million dollar I give in and go back to sleep, despite having drank coffee already, or do I just keep drinking the coffee and hoping that it will wake me up and help me be a productive member of society today? I know what you're thinking....about that productive member of society comment....and just...HUSH!

I did manage to make a few paper products yesterday before heading of to bed, so I better get to work! :) Happy Wednesday everyone!

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Beth said...

I didn't sleep last night either. I empathize...