Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lotion or Massage Candles, Fact or Fiction?

Many of you will remember the previous posts I did on How to Properly Burn a Candle and The Triple Scented Candle Conspiracy. Both are good reading if you're a candle fanatic!

Today I'd like to talk with you about "Lotion Candles" or "Massage Candles". Have you used them? Do you have an opinion? Please feel free to share it!! I'd love to hear it! To be quite honest, as a candle maker, I have no idea whether or not they 'work', I have never tried one personally, however I do know that I would never promote my own candles as lotion candles.

Personally, 'lotion candle' is a phrase that makes me cringe, every time I hear someone promoting their product as this.. I cannot stress this enough, PLEASE do your homework if you are buying 'lotion' or 'massage' candles. I've seen many products labeled as lotion candles that are using scents that I know are not skin safe.

It's very important to use skin safe scents in any bath or body products. Another thing for sure I would steer clear of is any 'lotion candle' that is colored. If you MUST use a lotion candle, please be sure to use one that is uncolored. The colorants used in candle making are NOT skin safe.

Any candle labeled as a 'lotion' or 'massage' candle should be labeled as if it were a bath or body product. It should include all the ingredients included in the candle.

As always, don't be afraid as a consumer to ask questions of the person you're buying from. They should be knowledgeable in all areas of their product.

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