Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday's Mission: BUNNIES!

It's that time again! Your Monday Mission! This week, in keeping with the animal theme, we're hunting wabbits!!! Come back here by next Monday, January 19, and post a link to your item in the comments of my blog so we can all check it out! Also, please create something NEW..not something you've already created. This way hopefully you will be inspired to create also! I'm still trying to garner enough interest to make this a weekly mission! I'm not sure what this weeks prize for the winner, but I bet it will be something good..maybe some carrots or something!

Anyway, now I bet you're dying to see the entrants to last week's mission...the MONKEYS! We only had one entrant so far, and that's my dear friend Robin from NothingLikeIt. Check out these cute monkeys!!!

I mean really, how can you resist? Everyone loves a sock monkey! As soon as I find out where these cutie pies are listed, I'll let you know! In the mean time, CLICK HERE to check out the NothingLikeIt Artfire shop!

1 comment:

Nothinglikeit said...

Brown Jelly Beans?!? OMG I'll never touch those again! I'm off to work on my bunny project now. A painting would be fun but the thought of a flat Easter Bunny coaster is sooooo tempting :D

Thanks for the Sock Monkey plug - you're the best!