Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Need an Ice Cream Pick Me Up...STAT!

Ice Cream Pouch by The Dainty Squid $11.00

I'm feeling kind of cruddy today. I went to bed with a huge headache last night, but when I woke up this morning, hoping it was gone, it was still there, taking residence in my forehead. I sure hope it's not unpacking to stay! So anyway, I'm sitting here in bed, which I went directly back to after my kids got off to school, pirating internet from my neighbors, (well not really pirating, they gave me permission!) while I wait for my new DSL modem to come so I can hook it up (Bye Bye Time Warner Cable, you non customer service giving jerks!). I decided just a few minutes ago, that for brunch, I would have some luscious ice cream. So far it's doing it's best to cheer me up. I mean, who doesn't love Rocky Road (but only the kind with marshmallow swirl, not whole marshmallows!) While I sit here munching my chocolate, marshmallow-y goodness, check out these great ice cream themed treats from Etsy.

Everyone needs one of these ice cream cozies from GracieDesigns, to keep their fingers warm while munching on their favorite flavor! $10.00

I love these note cards from winemakerssister!!! Set of 4 for $10.50

I started this post mid morning today. But due to connection issues, I'm just getting to post it now. However, I did go to the store today and purchase some new ice cream to drown my sorrows in! (Cookies and Cream this time!)

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