Friday, January 16, 2009

Soapy Goodness

Pumpkin Oatmeal Crunch Goat Milk Soap $4.50

I used to make soap.....tons and tons of soap. I loved it, but something had to give. I had three shops, three kids and a husband, a house and a dog to take care of, and I had to let something go. So went the soap.

With the new year I decided that I really missed making soap A LOT, and maybe it was time to bring it back. Maybe not to the extent that I used to make it. Not tons and tons of soap, no fancy stuff this time, just plain, deliciously scented soap. I was a little hesitant to start up again, and that first batch was hard, but now I've got hundreds of ideas running through my head, just begging to be brought to life!


ClemArt Design said...

Awwww, well the soap looks yummy :D

LittleGemsbyKari said...

ooo this looks great!