Friday, March 20, 2009

Spot the Terrier Wants to Help A Place To Bark!!

This is Spot the Terrier. He wants so badly to help the fabulous Bernie Berlin's non profit animal shelter, A Place to Bark. Spot was donated to me by the fabulous Lori Peterson, an insanely talented lampwork artist. In turn, I wire wrapped spot, and I'm offering him up for adoption. 100% of his adoption fee will be donated to A Place to Bark!!! Please help Spot find a forever home and the animals at the shelter benefit! And guess what? Spot has a few friends that will be making their debuts in my Etsy shop soon.

Also, don't forget to check out Bernie's blog at
and see what's happening there!

Rescue work is a cause near and dear to my heart. Many of you know we have a rescued furbaby, and I'd have 20 more if I could!

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Nothinglikeit said...

That ring is really cute - I love the droopy ears. Furbaby is so cute, does she love her new house?