Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Undiscovered Etsy Talent ~AJSWEETSOAP~

Meet the wonderful Denise M., owner of ajsweetsoap and her fabulous soapy creations!.

I first noticed Denise's shop because we both seemed to have a major love for Halloween. I noticed her soap several times while doing Halloween searches. Her Halloween soaps are definitely not the norm!! They're very unique and fun! Then I met her in chat, and what an absolutely wonderful person she is! We've become regular chatters! Having been a soaper, all I can say is, not only does this lady have talent, but her patience level must be off the charts! Her creations, whether Halloween, or daily dessert, are FABULOUS! Do yourself a favor, and head down to her shop and check out her scrumptious goodies today!


Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

ajsweetsoap does have some rocking halloween soaps! did you see the fingers one? :)

LittleGemsbyKari said...