Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Introducing *NEW*Tart Sampler Packs

I've had so many requests for packs of tarts with several different scents instead of all one scent, that I finally decided to get with the program. Currently, I have three: a 4 pack, an 8 pack, and a 12 pack. So now I have a question for you dear tarty readers! (Well actually 2 questions!)

1. Would you like to see bigger packs? Perhaps a 24 pack?


2. Would you be interested in premade packs in certain genres? For example, a bakery pack, a fresh/clean pack, a fruity pack?

Your input is very important to me, so let me know what you think!


Finding Charm said...

I think the pack sizes are good. My experience with tarts is that they last a bit and you want that scent to be special and not get tired of it. I like the bakery pack most definitely! I like the packs.

Anonymous said...

variety packs are kind of a pain to put together, but once you've got them done and listed you are good to go. I think there is always the right buyer out there for variety packs, so why not offer a few options? works for me. :)