Thursday, February 18, 2010

Easy Asian Salad Recipe

For a delicious (and EASY) weeknight meal, or when you're really just craving a salad. My kids even eat this up! I sure wish I could take better food pics, but believe me when I say it's yummy!

I use the 50/50 mix of spinach and lettuce in the bag.
Cherry tomatoes
Mandarin Oranges (in the jar)
sliced almonds
Asian noodles
toasted sesame seeds
Kens Asian Sesame dressing (from a bottle)

Now let me tell you about the chicken. This time I used grilled chicken strips. You can find them in a bag in the frozen section. I have also used fried chicken fingers cut up, fried chicken patties cut up, and once, when really in a time crunch, chicken nuggets from McDonalds (I know, I KNOW!) So do whatever is easiest for you!

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WickedSoaps said...

Yum! That looks delicious!