Friday, February 19, 2010

No Rest for the Wickeds ~ A Perfect Pink Sugar Type Collaboration

Pink Sugar Type Gift Basket Collaboration $40

I rarely 'connect' well with women, I don't have many girl friends, I'm kind of a freak. However, when I met Misty of WickedSoaps online, we clicked. Maybe it's because we're almost the same person in two different bodies? (I think that means she's a freak too!) We enjoy (and dislike!) a lot of the same things, and we want to take over the world with Pink Sugar!!! (Ok, ok, we want to take over the world anyway, but if it's with Pink Sugar Type, all the better!) I have even had the pleasure of meeting this awesome chick in person! We hung out one weekend long ago...(and we need to do it again!)

Anyway, we decided that we needed to do a collaboration, hence the Pink Sugar gift basket was born (it's our favorite scent!). Not your thing? Have no fear, we plan on doing some more in other scents. Have something you'd like to see? Shoot us a convo.

Not only would this gift basket make a great present for someone, but heck, why not pamper yourself? Mother's Day, birthday, Christmas, graduation...the gift giving occasions are endless!

Here's a list of everything it includes:

1 - 8 oz soy wax jar candle from AuntieDis
3 - 1 oz soy wax tart melts from TheTemptingTart
1 - 8 oz emulsifying sugar body polish from WickedSoaps
1 - 3 oz body butter creme from WickedSoaps
1 - 4 oz goat's milk soap from WickedSoaps


WickedSoaps said...

I'm king of the world!

Oh wait...wrong movie. My Precioussssssss...

Witch By Nature and Bitch By Choice said...

Okay I simply adore pink and my birthday is coming up! I smell a pink care package for myself :D

Beautiful and everyone in the world should wear pink.

Erin Keys said...

Ooh love pink sugar! I may need to make another purchase soon!
Erin Keys

daniii♥ said...