Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Angel Thank Yous

It's cloudy here again :( So my pictures came out like dookie, but I love the way these little mini note cards came out. Angel wings on the front accented with glitter glue, and inside the word "Thanks". Simple, easy, yet fun!

I was up really late last night trying to get the rest of my Auntie Di's shop sorted out so that I can roll out this new packaging. I'm sick of printing my labels myself, I'm considering having them professionally printed....BUT...it's so expensive. Although if I chalk up what I spend on printer ink and labels every year, it just may be worth it. Hard tellin'. It sure would save me a lot of frustration! :) Anyway, I have the new banner up in my shop, and a new avatar, and several items are coming for packaging purposes. I'm almost there. I should be able to roll it out next week and start taking pictures. I sure hope so! :) I'm excited about it, and I haven't been this excited in a LONG time!

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