Thursday, January 24, 2008

Inspiration...or Lack Thereof.......

I did manage to create one new type of thing today....I made this set of mini cards. they measure 3x5" and they rock, and would make great thank you cards for packages.

Anyway, what I really wanted to write about was my lack of creative juice. No inspiration. I am absolutely driven to complete this packaging redesign. I am stuck right now, waiting for new things to come in the mail so I can do it, and it's making me insane. I'm not doing anything but waiting, but for some reason, that's all I want to be doing. I don't want to do anything else. So I force myself to make some mini envelopes and call it a day. I know that's got to be boring to my buyers.

So from now on, I've promised myself that when I sit down and make the same ol' boring stuff, I'm going to force myself to make new stuff too. Something different..whether it be a full size card, a set of mini cards, whatever...just something that isn't just an "I made this for the sake of saying I made something on this day. Today it was these cards. I think I'm going to also do a version on black cardstock with a silver design on the front..meant to be written on in gel pens. Now THAT would rock! :)

P.S. I added the black cards I created later in the afternoon to show you that I actually DID make them! :)

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