Friday, February 15, 2008

The Sweetest Cup of Coffee EVER!

Here it is. It doesn't look like anything special does it? No whipped cream, no froo froo froth, no cinnamon sprinkled on top. In fact, it came from my own coffee maker at my house. To be completely honest, I was going to take a picture of me drinking my first cup of morning coffee but I figured I'd save you that's not pretty.

What's special about this coffee? THE MUG!!!! That's right! This mug was a custom request I made of Jim at Bridgeman Studios on Etsy. He was happy to comply. The man is truly a marvel with mud and a master at his craft. See that custom logo of mine on the side? I requested it in black, as my colors are now black, red and white, and in the shape of a large teacup I believe were my exact words. The mug is comfortable to hold, contains a large amount of liquid caffeine, and is just all around a pleasure to behold. I'm in love! I was so proud to open my mail yesterday and get this mug, and just couldn't wait to have my first cup of coffee in it! Not only does Jim make mugs, he makes GORGEOUS clay works of art! He also makes other functional clay items. Stop by and check him out! Jim also has his own website HERE.

I will definitely be stopping back for some of his hearts. They're truly gorgeous.

Kudos Jim!!!

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jim said...

Thank you for the glowing review! I am so happy you like it!