Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of Freedom

Do you hear that? Nope, neither do I, I hear complete silence.....I have just begun my first day of the next 180 days of FREEDOM!!!!! There's no bickering, no fist fighting, no expectation to be waited on hand and foot, nothing. Me and the dog are sitting here looking at each other with blank looks on our faces. I'm going to sit with my coffee and relish this first day of freedom. I've picked out some great freedom items from my fellow Etsy sellers to commemorate my day, so take a peek at these!!

I think I'm going to petition to make the first day of school each year a national parent holiday, called "First Day of Freedom". Every first day of freedom should come with a little gift, wrapped up and adorned with this prim style gift tag by everydaysies.

This leafy little blackbird Tshirt, created by sweet3leafprints, shows how I feel very nicely. this one is a toddler size, but the concept, and the art is fabulous using all leaf prints! This shop is definitely one to check out! I only wish it came in adult sizes!

You know I love everything that is listed in the surly shop. I mean, how can I not when it's so much like my own logo? This freedom heart pendant necklace is perfect for every day wear with your favorite jeans. Be sure to check it out!

This 4 x 6" print of Spirit by naturenomad shows just how I feel today. My spirits are soaring, I'd like to be on Spirit's back, galloping through that field bareback and barefooted (both no no's while riding I may add) without a care in the world.

Alas, I think the mutt and I have decided that going back to our blanket burrito to relish in an extra hour (or two or three) of sleep would be the way to spend this morning! The kids will be home soon enough, and then the homework will start....papers and books to cover and tales of first day excitement!!


everydaysies said...

LOL - Yup! Lotsa parents celebrating FREEDOM today ;)

Thanks for choosing my little hangy tag to represent it!


Anonymous said...

What a great blog! Hooray for freedom!!


Anonymous said...

Yahoo for freedom!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day relaxing... yay!!!