Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Battening Down the Hatches.....

I spent most of this morning preparing for unexpected company.....Hurricane Hannah is supposed to drop in for a visit some time this weekend. I've got a box of stuff packed just in case we have to leave, that has all the necessities in it, and I spent the morning at Walmart (my most unfavorite place) buying water and other necessities (batteries, packaged foods, etc). All I have to do is grab it and go. Being as we're in the center of North Cackalacky, I suspect we won't have to leave, but with three kids and a dog, I want to be prepared, just in case. I also purchased a few non-necessities, coloring books, crayons, LED pointer lights for the kids and a few reading books for me. I wish I could put together a small craft case, but that would take too much thought. You should see all the stuff I bring to a 1 day show. In fact, chances are, whatever I packed, I wouldn't want to mess with when we got wherever we were going. I'll just have to catch up on some dime store smut novels. Anyway, We're ready if need be. I will pack up the back of Blue Betty (that's my Expedition) tomorrow while the kids are at school, and top off her tank just in case we need to skeedaddle.

These gorgeous lampwork beads by generationslampwork definitely bring to mind the weather forecast.

How about a sterling silver hurricane ring, which can also be worn as a pendant? This pretty bauble, handcrafted by the talented iysta, could perhaps be given as a gift of strength, courage, or endurance. Simple, yet beautiful!

If you haven't checked out SecondLineFrames's shop, you definitely should! All the frames shown are created using salvaged wood from New Orleans, LA after Hurricane Katrina. Portions from each sale are donated to help restore affected areas of New Orleans.

TheLyonsPaw creates absolutely stunning lampwork! This focal bead is entitled Eye of the Storm. Fitting, no?

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ElegantSnobbery said...

Oh my goodness, good luck! I hope everything is only minor!

Fabulous finds! That frame from the wood from things destroyed by Hurricane Katrina is awesome!

And I'll definitely have to check out that book recommendation you gave me!! Sounds cute. Thanks!