Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Deep Breath.........

.....I love the smell of new electronics fresh out of the box. It only lasts a short time, before you've worn all that new smell off, but something about it brings back such fond memories. My hubby bought me a new laptop yesterday, because he needs the old one, so I lucked out! :) I'm very happy with it, and I've spent a few hours searching computer accessories on Etsy. There is some awesome stuff out there!

First and foremost, there is always the issue of protection! This laptop sleeve, by interrobang, is made from recycled seat belts with a fuzzy fleece interior. Clever, green, and definitely a conversation starter for those times you're having coffee at Starbucks and that cute boy sits down at the table next to you.

I simply must have Pinky, a 1 GB data stick, by fing. I mean, how cute is he? Really? Not only is he cute, he's functional...and very hungry for your data! I bet he's really smart too! Perfect for teens and adults alike!

I don't know about you, but when I'm working on my computer, I can never seem to find a writing implement of any kind. I think they grow legs and walk away on their own. At least, if you ask my kids, this is what happens. Now you can keep them near and dear to your work area with this circuit board pencil holder by DebbyAremDesigns.

Every laptop likes to dabble with accessories (don't we all?)...and by the way, what is it about computers, cars, boats, etc that makes them all feminine? I mean I'm sure there's some logical reason for this, but why do we call all these things "she"? Ok, I digress...back to accessories...this awesome vinyl laptop scroll by michellechristina is sure to make any laptop a happy camper! Not only that, but you can get it in your choice of several vibrant colors! Another great gift idea for teens and adults alike!

And now that you've gotten tons of new accessories for your new piece of technology, how about a little treat for yourself? Whenever I work on my computer, my fingertips freeze. I'm not sure if it's the angle at which I hold my hands or what, but these fingerless gloves by PhylPhil are sure to keep any mitts toasty warm (and very stylish) while clicking away!

Well, since I've done my share of clickety clacking away for the day, I better get off the computer, and go create something fabulous! Have a great day everyone!


Nothinglikeit said...

Nice accessories! I'm glad you got a new computer - you must be thrilled! I'm on the road with my trusty 6 year old Mac powerbook - she's a little slow but I LOVE her!

Franni said...

great laptop accessories di thanks for doing my leg work for me, i think the decals are the best