Friday, September 5, 2008

Fit For A Princess

For years I dreamed that I would give birth to a girlie girl so I could dress her in the shade of pepto bismol pink that only girlie girls can dress in. Sadly, I feel I was robbed. Don't get me wrong, I have three beautiful and healthy children, only they're two pirates and a tomboy, nary a girly girl in sight. There were moments (when they were babies) that I even considered dressing one of the boys up in the pink froo froo dresses of my dreams. I mean, lets face it, the clothes out there for girls ARE always cuter right? All the little old ladies at the supermarket would always say to me "What a beautiful girl you have there!" It' s probably better that I didn't get my froo froo girl, she'd hate me by the age of 4, instead of waiting until her teen years. ("But no Bella, you must wear the pink rhinestone encrusted shirt and the matching tutu and hairbow and shoes also!") Anyway, I digress. I surfed Etsy this morning and found tons of princess goodness for every age bracket. It was very hard to choose, I like it all. Maybe I should start dressing myself that way instead! (JOKE! But ok, maybe not....)

This adorable baby by RachaelElla is....oh wait, did I say baby? I mean Personalized Princess Onesie! Freudian slip? Anyway, this would surely be wonderful attire on all those royal babies out there!

To decorate the nursery, I chose this fine art print from drawandquartered. Definitely a motto that every little princess should live by!

Ok, I have to admit this, I secretly want these jewel shaped crayons by MyKangaroo for myself. If forced to, I would probably share with my princess. I mean, how FUN!!!

For that little princess that doesn't like to wash, or even the one that likes to spend hours soaking in the bath, this fabulous strawberry scented goat milk soap by ShineYourHineySoap will surely do the trick.

What princess is complete without her magic wand from PurpleBusStudio?? Not only does this wand look awesome, it MAKES BUBBLES!!! Fabulous! I need one of those for myself too!

Every princess needs her tiara! I love this Woodland Fairy Princess Crown by StudioPink. And those cheeks, I love those too! Adorable!

For the tween and teen princesses on your list, this royal pendant necklace by MyLittleChickadees is sure to be a hit.

For the punk rock tween or teen princess in your life, this ribbon tote bag by justusgirlz is sure to set it off! This would also make that adult princess in your life very happy!

Speaking from personal knowledge, any BIG princess would love this sterling silver crown ring by chrisparry. Actually, I don't think you can go wrong with anything in his shop. Marvelous work!

For the hearth and home, StudioRegency has an assortment of pretty baubles just in time for the holidays. After all, your tree should be fit for a princess too, right?

After a long, hard day of tea parties and chasing little princesses, any big princess worth her salt (bath salts that is) would love to bathe and relax with this Celtic Dreams pamper kit by EnchantingBeautiful.

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Christopher And Tia said...

aww, I like the wand. I used to always want a wand. And one of those cone shaped hats with the ribbons that stream out of the top? Eleanore has a wand that she doesn't play with right now. Maybe she'll get understand how cool it is when shes older.

...I hope I have another girl.